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5 reasons to work with us


We came "seriously and for a long time"

We have been engaged in Internet advertising and website development for almost five years. During this time, our specialists have gained a lot of practical experience in managing real projects, we have got dozens of satisfied customers and hundreds of large and small reasons for pride. We value our reputation and try to help each client. Individual approach is our credo. Clients, in turn, are almost always satisfied with our cooperation and recommend us to their friends and colleagues. We are proud that word of mouth and personal human communication are the two most popular ways for us to get new customers.


Guarantees, openness and no "shamanism"

We have made the process of creating a website absolutely transparent for the customer. At each stage, he can get comprehensive information about what and why is being done within his project. We do not carry out any hidden manipulations or "shamanism". Choosing us, the customer receives a guarantee of an honest price for a quality service.


A wide range of services and maximum efficiency

Regarding other companies, we have a modest staff - only 15 people work in the office of our company. But, firstly, each of these full-time specialists is a master of his craft, and secondly, we actively use outsourcing, which allows us to attract experienced supernumerary specialists to solve specific tasks within the customer’s project. So we can simultaneously solve 95% of the problems that arise when working with Internet advertising, and we have low fixed costs, which guarantees you favorable price terms.


Professional activity

We try to constantly “absorb” new knowledge and adopt best practices from our colleagues. To this end, our specialists participate in specialized events and communicate on thematic resources. At the same time, we, according to the availability of time and effort, share our own experience and best practices. To do this, we organize meetings with clients, participate in presentations in seminars and conferences. We are constantly in sight, so finding us and socializing is not difficult.


Quantitative characteristics

We are neither the oldest, nor the largest, nor the most “high-speed” web-studio in Belarus. We do not have a website with high rates of particles and PageRank; we have no social groups with tens of thousands of members (although we know very well how to wind up these indicators). But we have a first-class team and our satisfied customers, whom we have the good fortune to help in the development of their business through the Internet.

If you think that we are on the way, and we can help you with something, contact us in any way convenient for you. I think we will find a form of mutually beneficial cooperation.