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Analyst Cup

The story of the work on the project, which began another company. We had to understand the development of others and finish the project in a very short time.

The company turned to developers who did not fulfill their obligations and did not have time to submit the project by the deadline. As a result, our team had to finish the service in a very short time. We successfully coped with the task and replenished the piggy bank of satisfied customers.

Each of us has ever experienced poor quality services. This is unpleasant, but inevitable. A rather unpleasant story happened with one of our clients. By the next cyber-sporting event, it was necessary to develop a specific service. The company chose a contractor and waited for the result. The deadline was getting closer and closer, but the results were not visible. As a result, it became clear that by the start of the event, the developers will not have time to release the product. With such a problem the customer came to us.

Before the start of the championship, there were 3 weeks left, and our development department only received input data on the project. The difficulty was that in a short time we had to not only finish the missing part, but also figure out what programmers from another company had already created.

The idea of ​​the service was to predict the outcome of cyber battles. The site included analysts who were engaged in such forecasts on a professional level, the so-called cappers, as well as ordinary users, amateurs. For each event of the competition all users could make their own predictions. And at the end of the “battles” it was possible to observe who guessed the result and who did not. As a result - the overall rating of users according to forecasts. It was curious to find out that professional analysts did not stand out against the background of ordinary amateurs and gave out, in general, the same result. You can not say about the professionals of our company.

Cyber-sport is a very fast-moving thing, the battles there are fast, and the reactions of the players are a split second. But our development team acted no less quickly. For 3 weeks we did the impossible. We managed to finish the project that was not completed by another team, and, moreover, to make it so high-quality that the customer uses it constantly. We did not try to “fasten crutches” to what another company created; we created a product for which we are not ashamed. The functionality of the service allows you to customize it and use it on any such cyber event.

The site successfully withstood the entire load and did not give failures throughout the event, all user polls were stable. We passed the test with dignity by users.