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How we helped European entrepreneurs to find their customers, improve the quality of services and reach a new level of sales

How do revolutions happen? Usually, a certain number of people gather, who are united by something, as a rule, dissatisfaction with something. Most often, of course, an objectionable power comes to mind that they want to overthrow. So, when a critical mass of this crowd accumulates, irreversible events begin - the power changes very quickly, but a lot of bad things happen along the way. What are we getting at? No, no, we are not involved in any overthrow of dictators, honestly (but this is not accurate). We are involved in one revolution, which has brought everyone only advantages.

Imagine a big, noisy, modern city somewhere in the center of Europe. Everything is there: any goods, services, services and, of course, a lot of people. And you can always get all these benefits very quickly. Now imagine the small villages that are at some distance from the huge city. Life in them flows slowly and calmly, no one is in a hurry. But how to develop business in such an environment? In a small town, people want the same service as in a megacity, but for those who provide this service, it’s completely unprofitable to work here. Due to low traffic, the complexity of advertising campaigns and other problems inherent in any business in sparsely populated places, all initiatives begin to die. As a result, if you, conditionally, need some kind of electrician, then it is easier to call him from the big city, where there are any specialists. But in the next village there is also an electrician, which you haven’t even heard of. And he does not like this scheme at all.

Let's go back to the revolution. People who are not satisfied with something are electricians, shopkeepers and other small businessmen. United by one goal - to run their business successfully - they created a business union, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Regions. This organization has got its own market-place, which organized a business revolution in the suburb of the megalopolis.

“But what is its“ trick ”?”, You ask. And we will answer - first, this organization has certain requirements for the business that wants to be in it, they don’t let everyone go there. Accordingly, the service has a base of already proven people. And secondly, for a user who wants to buy or order something, there is a catalog of services and products on this site and when ordering something from different sellers, the goods are put in one basket and paid for in one payment. All payments are made through the payment system PayPal. Already then the funds received are distributed among the sellers, according to the services rendered by them. Thus, the client receives a convenient system of orders, verified executors and guarantees provided by this business union.

After analyzing the results of our work, you can see that small business owners received a convenient platform for selling their product and, as a result, a constant stream of customers. Constant flow, in turn, provides a stable income and business development. Due to the fact that all members of the organization are tested - the buyer receives the highest quality service. This entails the formation of strong links “buyer - seller” and an increase in customer base due to “word of mouth”. Another factor that has a positive effect on the entire business area of ​​this region is the fair competition that has arisen due to the emergence of such a tool.

Everyone benefited from quality improvement: customers, vendors, business alliances and, of course, we. Because how can you not be proud of such a product !?