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We can do everything. But in order to decide which CMS is better to use, you need to analyze the tasks that the site will perform, the potential load and much more. WordPress is not always the right solution.

The purchase of a domain and its registration must be made by its owner, therefore the customer must do this. But we will help and tell you how to do it. Hosting is also paid by the customer, we can do it setting up.

No, we do not provide such services. But we have experience in these areas and always rely on it when creating websites. We have reliable partners with whom we work in these areas, we can always attract them for such work.

Content for the site, as a rule, is written by the customer. If he does not have such an opportunity, copywriting experts and specialized agencies are involved. We do not do this, but we can find contractors.

Sites are very different. Each site has a different functionality, purpose and is designed for a certain load. To name the cost, we need to estimate the amount of work, the number of man-hours. In addition, we take the creation of sites seriously, so we analyze the customer's business processes and create a site that will meet the requirements of his business.
We have a solution for online stores on Drupal 7, which is more likely to suit the customer who wants to open such a store. The solution contains the most frequently used and necessary modules, the development period is only 1-2 months, a fixed price is set for it.