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On the same wave

The company was faced with the problem of the outflow of some users of the site. It was decided to develop two versions of the site for different target audiences.

Each company, before creating a site, is defined with its style. Depending on the field of activity, the direction of work and the general policy of the company, some stylistic bases are set. But in the process of development and growth, new challenges arise, and sometimes the company is forced to change.

This is what happened with a Western agency. His work is recruiting. The company is looking for employees for other organizations and interviews. The main specialization of these recruiters - the selection of people of creative professions, like designers.

At the beginning of work, the company chose its own style, and it was very conservative and strict. Just the way it should have been, because the main visitors of the site are customers, large companies that need to find an employee. However, over time, the agency has grown, has acquired a decent list of loyal customers and is faced with a problem. There was a difficulty in attracting a sufficient number of applicants. The cause of this problem was identified - creative people did not find the agency’s website interesting enough, they didn’t see anything in it that could tell them “here you will find a great job on which you can realize your creative work”.

Our company was tasked to solve this problem. And we found the best solution. After analyzing the site visits, we found out that customers looking for employees are mainly located in Germany and communicate in German. Applicants can be from different countries, and, in order to find work, they mainly use English. It was decided to reposition it: to update the design of the existing German-language website, leaving it in a rather restrained style and develop a new website that has a simple explosive design, a modern front-end and will be available only to English-speaking users.

As a result, the company received, in fact, two different sites, each of which worked for its target audience. Designers looking for work, went to the service, which they "clung" and said "we are on the same wavelength." Customers also visited a site already familiar to them, which still met all their requirements, but received some updates.

The solution to the problem is very simple, and therein lies its elegance. But in order to come to this, we had to do serious analytical work, communicate closely with the customer and, as they say, “plunge” into his business with his head.