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Unexpected takeoff

The company, not counting on the success of an online store, eventually saw in it a tremendous sales tool that almost became the main one.

We have a story that we simply can not share. This is definitely a success story. It happened to us in the not so distant 2015.

We were approached by one organization. At that time, it was already a fairly well-functioning company that was an importer of household appliances. The whole business was limited to the importation of machinery into the country and selling it in offline stores. The company has developed a plan for its development and has designated sales through retail chains as its main focus.

There was a second vector, in the opinion of the customer, not so optimistic, but which, in any case, had to be realized - sales via the Internet. Actually, in December, they turned to us for help. Needless to say, how do most companies work during this hectic pre-holiday period? That's right, no one can get any help from anyone. But our team took up this project and issued a release in January 2016! We created from scratch and released a working version of the site in less than two months. Employees started to fill it and in February the site was already launched for customers.

When the business received the first feedback from the market, it became clear that the work was being done in the right direction and it was necessary to develop the store. At the start, the store was not very large, but over the three years of our collaboration, it has increased significantly. At the moment, the catalog contains more than 30 sections and thousands of products. And most importantly, the volume of sales of the online store is almost on par with sales through retail chains.

From the side it may seem that there is nothing special behind such success, but this is only at first glance. After the completion of the project, our work has not ended, we have constantly worked and are still working on this site along with its owner. Only due to the constant improvement, the addition of new functions, the acceleration of this site every month beats records of attendance and sales. Not many stores can boast ten thousand users per day, but this one can.

After conducting an analytical study, we found out how to increase sales. According to statistics, a jump in sales is observed after adding the opportunity to purchase goods in installments. And we did it. Integration with banking solutions was established and users received a new shopping incentive. Another factor affecting the number of customers is the availability of a mobile version. The effect of these decisions was not long in coming, sales immediately went up.

We did a lot of work together with the customer, a work that many people do not notice and even neglect it. But our approach is not to do it in the way that someone wanted to wash their hands, and first of all to analyze and solve the business problem. We approach its solution in a comprehensive manner and try to optimize our client’s business, automate it and transfer it to new, technological “rails”.

Now our story begins a new page, we are creating mono-brand online stores for this company. It is always nice to see how your projects grow, become more powerful, more convenient, more popular. And at the same time observe how the business of our customers is flourishing and is bringing new fruits.